Happy Solstice

candle-frameThe winter solstice has always been an important day in our house.  Because they were both brought up in small Yorkshire villages it was important to my Mom and Dad when they were children as it was one of four Lady Days, when you paid your rent and when it was possible to change your job.  Increasingly, however, as she got older and her eyesight worsened it was a day Mom and I aimed for because it was the day I could tell her that from now on we were going in the right direction and every day would get just that little bit longer, the light would get just that little bit stronger.

Although my eyesight isn’t the problem that hers was and although I don’t suffer from SAD as does one of my godsons, I really don’t like the long dark days of winter, so The Bears and I still celebrate the solstice every year as a way of marking the climb out towards the light.  As I write, there are candles lit all around the house and The Bears have performed their annual ritual of marching past them all shouting, “Come Back Sun, Come Back Sun.”  Only a very unkind individual would suggest that hearing that cacophony any self-respecting Sun would immediately retreat to the other end of the Universe and as I’m sure you are not that unkind person The Bears and I wish you a Happy Solstice and hope your year will grow stronger and brighter by the day.


14 thoughts on “Happy Solstice

  1. And to you! I’ve only recently become more aware of the solstices. Even when I lived in more northerly areas, I didn’t pay much attention to them.

  2. A very happy Solstice to you and the Bears! I hate the long dark days, too. I’m not a SAD sufferer, but I just seem to have more energy once the light returns. I’ll be thankful as usual just to get Christmas out of the way and have life (and supermarkets) back to normal. Do hope you are not suffering too much from the floods. Our village pond has burst its banks spectacularly and I do hope it won’t flood us – there would be something so very absurd about that!

    1. Thank you, Litlove. And we all really hope that pond doesn’t make its way any nearer to your home. I’ve lived in two houses and one caravan that flooded and believe me it’s no fun at all. At the moment I’m at the top of a hill and there shouldn’t be a problem unless I get caught out of the house when the roads around get flooded. There are tributaries of the River Cole in all the surrounding dips and it isn’t unusual to be flooded in unable to get anywhere further than the end of the road.

  3. A very happy Solstice to you! I have a friend who celebrates Solstice instead of Christmas because she, too, is struck with the great meaning behind the receding darkness. Although we didn’t engage in any formal Solstice celebrations at our house, I happily join you and the Bears in embracing the increasing light, both literally and figuratively. And perhaps we should plan something with candles for next year. 🙂

    1. Yes, we had a good walk this morning and are now toasting our respective toes and paws in front of the fire with an equally good book. Have a wonderful Christmas, Margaret.

  4. Thank you Alex. I love the imagery of Solstice for the whole holiday season, but I have never had a proper ritual for it. So glad to hear about yours and that you grew up with it. May we all have more light in the year ahead.

  5. A happy belated Solstice! I am always so glad to know the days are getting longer even when I can’t really tell yet. It is such a consolation to have longer days of bright sun here in Minnesota during our coldest part of the year.

    1. The Bears have an App on their phone that tells them just how many minutes they’ve gained each day. They never look at it when the days are getting shorter but I noticed it had come out again this morning. Apparently we have gained six minutes since the year turned.

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