1. No, we know some of the other Sendak stories, but not one called ‘Bears’. I shall have to see if I can get a copy for their official joint birthday in July.

  1. Merry Christmas Bears!
    I have had a lovely day, with a festive bone, a run on the beach and a visit to mother and my other friends in the nursing home. I hope that you are having just as good a time, and Jane wishes the same to Alex.
    Love Briar x x x

    1. Dear Briar,
      Thank you for your kind wishes. I am replying on behalf of The Bears who are a little the worse for wear this morning. It rained all day here yesterday and as a consequence they did not get out to play but instead sat and ate far too many marmalade sandwiches (not to mention various other ‘little somethings’) . They are definitely a little green around the gills today and I have sent them back to bed until they recover. I am sure you were much more sensible.
      Enjoy the rest of the holiday and I hope you and Jane have a lovely New Year.
      Love Alex. xx

    1. The Bears are now going to go round wishing everyone a Merry Christmas in Welsh and pretending they really know what they are saying. You shouldn’t encourage them, Karen. Mind you that isn’t going to happen until they get over the marmalade sandwiches! Merry Christmas from us all.

  2. Dear Alex, Tell the bears that you and they are both “way cool,” in my twelve-year-old nephew’s lingo. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you too (and a little bit of bread and honey, just enough to go ’round!).

    1. The Bears are now beside themselves and busy telling anyone who calls that they are ‘way cool’ and therefore can not be expected to do anything that might diminish their new social status. I foresee a rush to buy dark glasses just as soon as the shops re-open.

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