And The Winner Is………


Well, all the votes are in and the group of books chosen for this year’s Summer School is ……

Musical Interlude

The Travelling Hornplayer ~ Barbara Trapido

Bel Canto ~ Ann Patchett

An Equal Music ~ Vikram Seth

This wasn’t actually my first choice but it was high on my list and I am really looking forward to having a water tight reason for re-reading three books that I very much enjoyed the first time round and am fairly sure that I will be able to get more out of on a second reading.  For once, I don’t have to lead any of the meetings as I have had enough volunteers to introduce the books to be able to sit back and let other people get on with it, which will be a nice change.

The runner up was the group of books set in Edinburgh and I’ve had requests to put that on next year’s list as well, but the Science Fiction group, Brave New Worlds, wasn’t popular at all.  That’s a shame as I would really have enjoyed discussing those novels and I suspect so would the other members of the School if they hadn’t been frightened by the idea of the genre.  I may try and feed at least two of them into other groups next year, if I can think of something appropriate.

We are meeting rather earlier this year than usual, the second week in August.  So come that week I shall probably be absent from the ether, but I will report back on all the discussions later in the month.  Now I have to go and see if I kept any of the books I need when I was having my great cull.  What do you bet that they all went to the charity shop?

13 thoughts on “And The Winner Is………

  1. I hope the books chosen are a success for the Sumner school. I have read Bel Canto and An Equal Music ages ago. I remember An Equal Music better than Bel Canto. I know nothing about The Travelling Horn player though.

    1. Yes, I’m really looking forward to going back to the Trapido, Susan. In fact, I wouldn’t mind making time to re-read more of her novels. Perhaps I should use the Summer School as an excuse. After all, it would be good to be able to offer a compare and contrast, wouldn’t it?

    1. Without a doubt that is the most ‘literary’ of the three, Margaret, but they would all be worth your attention if you have the time.

    1. I think you would enjoy the Trapido, Harriet. Have you read anything else by her? She has changed her focus and style somewhat over the past couple of novels but the earlier ones are very much about the sort of life we both remember.

  2. The Bears let us down on this one. Clearly they didn’t provide enough cake otherwise the group would have gone for the sci fi option I’m sure.

    1. You are so right! I hadn’t thought about it that way but I can see I am going to have to have a few words with those young ursines. And I bet I know where the cake went too!

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