Monday Miscellany

DSC_0382I’m sorry that I’ve not been around that much over the past week or so.  There have been two main reasons for this.  The first is that I always forget just how much extra time is going to be taken up once the university term starts at the beginning of October.  It isn’t just the sessions themselves and the planning that goes into them, but also the time taken travelling back and forth.  During the summer months I faff around complaining that I am not getting enough stimulation and, as a consequence, when autumn events, both academic and cultural, start to be advertised I sign up eagerly without giving sufficient thought to the practicalities of what I am committing to and the effects that will have on my rather fragile health.  This year I have definitely over committed and I am going to have to spend reading week pruning my diary and cutting back my expectations.

The second reason is less easily dealt with.  I am having problems with my eyes again and this is obviously curtailing the time that I can spend reading and writing.  We have tried a number of medications, but at the moment are struggling to find anything that doesn’t actually make the situation worse.  As you can imagine, this is frustrating in the extreme.

So, excuse me if I don’t visit your sites as often as I would like until we can get something sorted out.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t care or that I don’t miss you.

14 thoughts on “Monday Miscellany

  1. That’s okay, Alex: as they say, good things are always worth waiting for. I have glaucoma, and it’s eyedrops and the doctor once every three months for me, so I know something of eye trouble. Get well, and take it a bit easier. I’m sure the bears are looking out for you.

  2. I can only imagine how frustrating the situation with your eyes must be, particularly as it affects reading & writing. I can’t remember if you enjoy audio books (I don’t, I find them too hard to follow). Fingers crossed that the doctors will figure something out soon!

  3. Oh Alex! I hope the doctors are able to figure out your eyes. I can totally understand how frustrating it must be. Sending you good thoughts and wishes!

  4. I’ll miss you, too, Alex. I always enjoy your posts and comments but the most important thing is to take care of yourself. I do hope you find some effective medication soon. I’m sure you must miss reading dreadfully.

  5. I’m sorry to hear about the problems with your eyes – bad enough for anyone, but worse for such a dedicated reader. Hope they manage to sort it out for you soon.

  6. Take care and get well soon! Audio books would really be a good alternative to consider, if you are able to enjoy them as much as I do. Best wishes…..

  7. Oh how frustrating and worrying about your eyes! I am SO sorry to hear that they are troubling you – it’s a particular fear of mine that I’ll have to deal with eye issues one day. I have everything crossed that you get on the right medication very soon. I’m sure the Bears are being very supportive – I send much love and hugs too.

    1. I do hope that you shall be able to read comfortably again soon. Look forward to reading further posts from you when things get better.

  8. I missed this post, I’m sorry. I am so sorry about your eye trouble. I hope it’s going ok and you are managing with school and travel and getting the homework read. It’s scary isn’t it, to realize how much we depend on our sight for so much? I have type 2 diabetes and have to go for eye check ups every year, as blindness is one of the main consequences (or can be for unmonitored diabetes) of diabetes. I am grateful for everything I can see, and that I can see, every day now. Hugs and my bears send hugs to your bears.

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