All Day and A Night ~ Alafair Burke

Screen-Shot-2014-09-17-at-2.42.32-pmHave you had your flu’ jab yet this winter?  Those of you who know about these things will be aware that it is a different concoction every winter and apparently I am not alone in finding this year’s mix more potent than usual.  It is taking quite a lot of people out for a couple of days.  Consequently, I am very glad to be able to tell you that Issue 3 of Shiny New Books is out and to be able to do just a short post to point you in the direction of my review there of Alafair Burke’s latest Ellie Hatcher novel, All Day and a Night.

I reviewed the first in this series, Dead Connection, some time ago and made the point then that Burke’s work is hardly great literature, but even that book was a rattling good read and this, the NYPD detective’s fifth outing, is considerably better.  Like all good crime fiction, the novel is concerned with a specific situation that is indicative of a current societal issue, in this case, the question of the mistrust between the police and the public they serve, and Burke offers no easy answers to a problem that is as relevant on this side of the Atlantic as it is in America.

If you haven’t yet discovered Burke’s New York novels then you have many happy hours of reading in front of you.  She has certainly gone onto my list of authors whose new books I am looking to read the moment that they become available.


10 thoughts on “All Day and A Night ~ Alafair Burke

  1. Haven’t had my flu shot yet–they usually advise us to have it a little later in the autumn so that it won’t “run out,” though how that’s possible I have no idea. Thanks for the lead with the new Alafair Burke book–I’ll be sure to recommend it around.

    1. I bet mine run out the week before any epidemic hits our local area. That would be just my luck – reaction to the injection plus the flu’ itself.

  2. I’ve only ever had one flu jab – never again! It would have been less upsetting to have the flu. Apparently the jabs are not recommended for CFSers because they so often have mercury in them, which does us no good. I believe it! So about this time of year I try to boost my immune system with the rather effective Sambucol tonic (available in Boots). Tell the Bears to look out for it for you! And take VERY good care of yourself.

  3. Alex, I have never have a flu shot. Hence, I have the flu! It is quite a miserable strain, and actually I’m not sure if it is a flu, but it’s a cold and aches and endless sleeping. It is now Day 6…

    Feel better!

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