Summer Time Means Summer School…

tumblr_m28hunkihb1rqmm3jo1_1280…and Summer School means that I suddenly become very busy indeed.  Although I run the School as a series of seminars and thus, in theory, each of the meetings is led by someone other than me, of course, I have to prepare the books as if I was going to be teaching them myself.  And, given that this year there are two new presenters, that is even more the case than ever.  So, I apologise, but I won’t be round very much now until after August 22nd, at which time I shall reappear with tales to tell of the books we have read and the discussions we have had and eager to hear all about what you have been reading.  If things go well I may get time to visit a few sites, but writing time is going to be difficult to carve out.

Be good now, while I’m away.  If you’re not, then I may have to set The Bears onto you and you really wouldn’t want that!

Happy reading.

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