Thank You

IMG_0001Dear Friends,

We are writing to say thank you for all the kind wishes that you have sent to Our Friend Alex (OFA).

She got proper poorly on Wednesday and Thursday but she is a little bit better today although her cough is still very bad and we are all very tired (and some of us are a little bit grumpy!).

We have been looking after OFA very well and feeding her on porridge and honey, which is good for colds (and good for Bears as well).  We will keep her very quiet over the weekend and then perhaps think about letting her come out to play at the beginning of next week.

Lots of Love,  The Bears.

P.S. Today is our Official Birthday.  Normally, there would be CAKE, but we are being very noble and waiting until OFA can enjoy it with us.


13 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Dear Bears,

    Thanks for letting us know how our friend Alex is doing. Sorry to hear she’s been so unwell but glad she’s on the road to recovery.

    Happy Birthday! It’s very kind of you to delay the cake ceremony until Alex is better – perhaps some medicinal chocolate would tide you all over until then.

    Best wishes, FF

  2. Hi, Bears! Don’t forget that there are little round raised cakes about the size of a softball which are made with honey and anise, and might be just the thing for a convalescent Alex (as well as featuring honey, a sure-fire recommendation all ’round). You just take any yellow cake recipe and mix it a little bit stiffer with more flour, flavor it as above, and then bake it in circles on a cookie sheet. I hope this makes you all feel a little better (caregiver bears deserve to be treated along with Alex when she is well, for taking such good care of her now!). I hope you’re soon feeling fine, Alex!

  3. Dear Bears,
    Jane and I are sorry to hear that Alex is so poorly, but thank goodness she has you to look after her. you are very good bears to wait for your cake and I hope it won’t be too long before you can have a lovely celebration. Maybe you could go to the woods. We went this week and I had wonderful fun, though I didn’t see any bears at all.
    Briar x

    1. Dear Briar,
      Thank you for your letter. We are glad to tell you that Our Friend Alex is much better and that we have been out today for a picnic with CAKE. We live very near some woods (just over our fence) so we can go on picnic as often as we like. If you are ever near to where we live than you can come and play in our woods and we will all have fun together.
      The Bears x

      P.S. Tomorrow’s post is just for YOU!

  4. Thank you for the update! I’d been wondering how she was getting along. I can also recommend ginger tea, which coincidentally is goo with honey.

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