Still Here

DSCF0001Just to say that we are still around but we are having something of a minor domestic crisis here in The Bear Garden and until it is sorted out we are all doing our best to be very quiet and very sensible and trying to restrict our swinging from the lampshades to no more than six times before breakfast.

Once it is resolved we will be back, calm, quiet and collected, as if nothing had ever happened.

Love to you all,

The Bears.

P.S.  If you are having a domestic crisis too, we are very sorry, but please don’t send it our way.  One is enough!


13 thoughts on “Still Here

  1. So that clears up the mystery of why we haven’t seen the further posts from the Birmingham library event. I was thinking but hoping it wasn’t the case that maybe you were feeling under the weather. Glad to know in a way that it’s not a health crisis. Hope the bears help you resolve it soon

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about the crisis, but glad you’re still there – and hopefully books can be some distraction and comfort.

  3. Dear Bears,
    I am sending lots of positive thoughts your way and hoping things get sorted out quickly, because I now that being quiet and sensible doesn’t come naturally to bears.
    Love Briar x

  4. Oh no! Should I box up some marmalade to send? Fuzzy blankets? Scarves? I’d come myself but it seems I accidentally put my passport in the shredder. How I am going to explain that to the government bureaucracy I am not sure yet. I hope the crisis passes soon.

  5. I think the planets are ill-aligned at the moment. It seems to be crises all around. I send love and hugs to you and the Bears, and hope that peace now reigns supreme!

    1. How are things your end? Is the future looking brighter for your offspring? We plunge back into crisis mode this coming week and so might not be around for fortnight or so, but I’ll cross that bridge when the weekend’s over.

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