Happy Christmas From The Bears



25 thoughts on “Happy Christmas From The Bears

    1. The Bears are waving madly from their sofa in your direction, Rohan. You are after all the only other blogger they have ever met. I hope you and your family have had a really peaceful holiday break and that the New Year will bring all you could wish for.

    1. We are all sending you great waves of love and thanking you for your lovely Christmas email. Nothing has been better this year than knowing you were out there.

    1. There is a reason why Christopher Bear’s PhD thesis was on the certainty of the uncertainty of the behaviour of any group of small bears in a confined space – or in other words there ain’t no predicting bears!

  1. Happy Day After Boxing Day – I hope you and the Bears are suitably refreshed and not suffering too much from all the jollity of the last two days. Did you know that some of your Bears and my Bears look as they they could be relatives? My Bears are tired now after Christmas and are hoping they don’t catch my cold and terrible sore throat. We all send good wishes for the New Year.

    1. We are all very sorry about your cold and sore throat, Margaret and recommend lots and lots of honey (porridge and marmalade sandwiches are good too!) and rest. We are very excited that we might have relatives as well as friends in the North. We are like Rabbit – we like lots of friends and relations.
      Love, The Bears.

    1. The Bears are still comatose after far too much celebrating but I’m sure they would want me to wish you and Bookman a very Happy New Year as well.

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