Pausing for Breath.

ImageSorry I’m not around very much at the moment but we’re in the middle of a six day book festival at the University and life is a bit on the hectic side.  We’re also all holding our breaths in the southern half of the country as St Jude’s Storm heads our way over night.  Even though I live in a city there is a very good reason why the word woods appears in my address, because our small estate is built in the middle of an ancient woodland and the trees are still in full leaf.  The next twenty-four hours are going to be interesting.  And then, just to make life really interesting the local water pumping station has suffered a major burst and so we have no water over the whole of the SW quadrant of the city.  Even the water company is describing it as a ‘Major Incident’, so it must be bad.  They don’t usually admit that there’s even a minor problem.

The book festival has been great fun so far and I will do individual posts about some of the major events later in the week, but as a taster I will just tell you about Friday’s session with Sir Tony Robinson, who came to talk about his series for children (and all the rest of us who haven’t grown up yet or are still in mourning for BlackadderWeird World of Wonders.  We filled the new concert hall with local children


2 thoughts on “Pausing for Breath.

    1. It’s really beginning to whip up here now, Lisa, but at least we have water again. You don’t realise how reliant you are on just being able to turn the tap on until you can’t.

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