Bloodsuckers in Birmingham

Image 1Thank you to all those who sent their good wishes for this year’s Summer School.

Unfortunately, I have to tell you that you didn’t wish hard enough.  Shame on you:)

Two days before the School was due to begin I was bitten by a bloodsucker who then compounded the assault by leaving part of itself in me.  I made Monday’s sessions but by the Tuesday infection was coursing round my body and since then I haven’t known which was more responsible for my being proper poorly, the bloodsucker or the antibiotics necessary to clobber it.

I’m still too wobbly to write here for any length of time and spending far too much of my life sprinting to the bathroom to get any reading done.  I will try and respond to your comments from the last fortnight, bit by bit, and get round to visiting as soon as I can but for the moment I have to beg your indulgence.

P.S.  The wretched insect even managed to bit me in a place I couldn’t see and could only reach with my non-dominant hand.  Are they trained to be as inconsiderate as possible?


10 thoughts on “Bloodsuckers in Birmingham

  1. Dear Alex, While my sympathy is yours in any case, regardless of what exactly the foul insect was, I’m curious: what’s a “bloodsucker,” when it’s at home? Is it what we call a “tick” here in the States? My brother just got bitten by one of those, or maybe more than one, had 22 red fist-size blotches all over his body, and had to take antibiotics also. He’s feeling better now, but those things aren’t anything to fool around with. Supposedly, you’re told to remove them with fine tweezers to prevent them leaving anything in, but if you couldn’t see what you were doing because of the locale of the bite, then I understand the problem. Feel better soon, and I’m sorry summer school was “sucky” this year!

  2. I was also wondering if it was a tick – my first thought with “bloodsuckers” was mosquitoes, but they don’t usually cause that many problems – or do you have West Nile Virus in the UK as well? Whatever the villain was, I do hope you’re feeling better soon!

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