A Passing Thought…….

globe-burningDSC04032smallI am going over to Stratford later to see the RSC in Thomas Middleton’s A Mad World My Masters and I’ve just realised that it is exactly four hundred years ago today since their predecessors’, the King’s Men, theatre, The Globe, burnt to the ground.  I’m in The Swan, which isn’t that big, so with luck I should be somewhere near a fire exit, but I will definitely be checking where the closest way out is as soon as I take my seat.

4 thoughts on “A Passing Thought…….

    1. The play was misjudged, I felt. I’ll probably write about it later in the week. But, at least it wasn’t that bad that anyone felt the need to set fire to the theatre to bring it to an end:)

  1. Christ, I might actually kill to be able to live in a place where one could just pop out to see a Middleton play.

    At least you weren’t seeing Henry VIII in a theatre with a bloody straw roof!!!

    1. Believe me I know how lucky I am, Colleen. Even luckier,perhaps to have the chance to work with academics who are world experts in these plays. As you will have realised the theatre didn’t go up in flames. Health and safety does have some purpose, it seems.

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