The First Weekend of Spring



imageGood Morning,

This is the view from my living room window this first Sunday morning of Spring.  It is also my apology for not getting round your blogs at the moment.  The weather has taken out my broadband and I’m using horrendously expensive 3G to put this up.  It is still snowing hard and the forecast suggests that we have at least another twelve hours to come, so goodness knows when I will be back on-line.  I hope you’re all warm and cosy inside somewhere.

And no, before you ask, The Bears are not out having a snowball fight.  It’s so deep it would bury each and every one of them!


18 thoughts on “The First Weekend of Spring

  1. I, too, wish that Spring would really arrive. We have a bit less snow than you do at the moment, but it’s still awfully cold and grey. I’m looking forward to those first blooms that cheer the heart .

  2. A good chance to get caught up on your non-blog site reading, and forget about all of our demands for a while! Enjoy it (I know, this sounds strange) while it lasts, soon it will be a roasting hot summer, and the air conditioning will unpredictably go out due to a rolling brown-out, or something!

    1. I wish I could share you’re optimism about the summer. Here in the UK we haven’t had a really warm one for about six years. Still you’re right about the reading time. I really got my head down over the weekend.

  3. I’m shivering in sympathy. We had a cold front come through in the night, but nothing compared to yours. I hope you’re snuggled down with a good book or two.

    1. Well, the snow is beginning to go, Lisa, but it’s still bitterly cold. There are suggestions that parts of the UK might get more snow over Easter. I just hope it’s not my part!

  4. We have snow too! This is the pits, isn’t it? And we’ve all come down with a monster cold. So I am hugely behind and trying to catch up and not doing a good job. Keep warm and look after yourself. Spring has got to come soon, hasn’t it?

    1. Now a cold on top is just not fair. Do you not feel like telling Shelley that his optimism was serioulsy misplaced? If winter come can spring be far behind? Oh yes it can!

    1. Bears are very good for cuddling up to on cold nights, Michelle, and unlike at least one dog I’ve had, they don’t take it into their heads to push you out of bed in the middle of the night.

  5. Hope by now the snow has melted a bit. From your picture, it looks like deep January for us. But I’ve to say, these recent years we’ve been getting relatively warm winters. Looks like you’re getting much more snow than we’re right here at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Canada! 😉

    1. Believe me, Arti, it’s felt like January as well as looking like it. We still have a lot of snow, but at least today the sun has been out and because it is an April sun it does have more warmth in it than it would have done three months ago. Now we just need the east wind to go away.

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