The Bear Awards 2013

Global_Sense_WinnerAs I am sure you are all aware this is the season of awards. Over the last few weeks we have had the BAFTAs and the OSCARs and the BRITs and goodness only knows how many others, so many, in fact, that the ubiquitous red carpet must be in danger of becoming distinctly threadbare.  But, roll it out for one more set of awards because over the weekend, in honour of World Book Day this coming Thursday, the results were announced of a poll carried out to establish the best loved characters in Children’s Literature.


imagesthe winner, by a short head, was……


As you might imagine there was much rejoicing in this household, where Bears outnumber humans by about thirty to one. I have to say, though, that the one was very pleased as well.  Pooh might think himself a Bear of Very Little Brain, but we have long recognised that when it comes to teaching about the truly important things in life he and his friends from Hundred Acre Wood have it down to a fine art.  There are very few problems that are not best tackled, in the first instance at least, by sitting down and having ‘a little something’.

Paddington-Bear-431x300Yet more celebrations ensued when it was revealed that in a very close second place came……


Dear old Paddington, who also knows the inestimable value of a mid (morning/afternoon/evening/night) snack when things look tough.  As you probably already know, marmalade sandwiches are the order of the day here whenever things begin to look a bit on the bleak side.  And at most other times as well if we’re going to be really honest about this.

DSCF0001I have to say that Paddington’s adventures are strictly rationed in this house.  The Bears are perfectly capable of thinking up ‘interesting’ things to do on their own account without Paddington giving them ideas.  But when the world is against us and a good bout of comfort reading is called for, there is little more likely to put a smile on anyone’s face than a couple of chapters of A Bear Called Paddington.

So, The Bears would like you to know that


and that on Thursday they will be throwing a celebration gathering with bread and honey, marmalade sandwiches and definitely cake.  You are all invited, just come and join the throng.

shirleyhughesBut, who would you have voted for?  I think I would probably have reversed the order: I do love Paddington.  But I would also have put in a good word for Shirley Hughes’ loveable rascal, Alfie.  One of my godsons was his double as a pre-schooler and when his little sister came along, even though it wasn’t her given name, she was always known as Annie Rose.  The illustrations help Pooh and Paddington, but they make the Alfie books.  Hughes is, I think, one of the most gifted children’s illustrators there has ever been.

But who are your favourites?  Which of your childhood companions would you like to see walking down that infamous red carpet?  Let’s compile a list and bring a smile to everyone’s face.


14 thoughts on “The Bear Awards 2013

  1. Well, after Pooh of course, I would love to see another bear, Corduroy, who was the star of a favorite picture book by Don Freeman.

    Other characters from favorite series include Frances the Badger (Bedtime for Frances, Bread and Jam for Frances, etc. by Russell Hoban), Lyle the Crocodile (by Bernard Waber), Frog and Toad (by Arnold Lobel), and Tintin & Milou (by Hergé). Except for the latter, I’m not sure how many of these are read (or known) in the UK.

    1. I know Frances and Frog and Toad, Sly Wit (anything by Russell Hoban wins hands down with me), but not Lyle or Corduroy. I shall have to go and track them down with invites to the party.

    1. I know Clifford, Stefanie, although that may be because of the forty odd years I spent working with Children’s Literature, one way or another. I’m not sure how well known he is otherwise. But I agree he would make a great addition to the party. I’m not sure how The Bears would feel, however. They aren’t too comfortable around dogs. Something to do with chewing, I think.

  2. After Pooh, I’d go with Lucy in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, because of her empathy, and Pongo, Missus and Perdita from the 101 Dalmations.

  3. My son’s favourite character, hands down, was Just William. Those stories have kept us going through many a long car journey, and illnesses and just ordinary nights. If he can’t sleep, he still puts the cassettes on. My personal favourite is Paddington, though. He is so endearing.

    1. I came to Pooh as an adult, Karen, which I think makes a difference. I’m with you where Anne Shirley is concerned, though. I go back to those books regularly.

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