Song For Snowy Weather by Pooh



From The Bears.



The more it snows (Tiddely-Pom)

The more it goes (Tiddely-Pom)

The more it goes (Tiddely-Pom)

On snowing

And nobody knows (Tiddely-Pom)

How cold my toes (Tiddely-Pom)

How cold my toes (Tiddely-Pom)

Are growing.

Don’t believe a word of it.  They haven’t set a single paw outside since the snow started around three o’clock yesterday afternoon.  In fact, they are are sitting on their sofa, toasting those very toes over the fire and simply canvasing for sympathy, because if the forecast is to be believed, we are in for at least another forty hours of the nasty white wet stuff.  By which time it won’t be just their toes that will be cold should they be stupid enough to venture out in it.

So don’t start feeling sorry for them.  They are stocked up with enough porridge to feed several armies and if I know them they will have the Harry Potter CDs out before long to enjoy a marathon session with Stephen Fry.

And wherever you are, I hope you are tucked up warm with something to read and able to keep out of this terrible weather.


25 thoughts on “Song For Snowy Weather by Pooh

  1. It’s snowing here, but only in a half-hearted sort of way. I wouldn’t want to be out in it, but it’s not settling much. I am very glad to know you are all stocked up on porridge and audio CDs. Stay warm, keep entertained and look after yourselves!

  2. It’s been snowing here on and off all day and coming down steadily now. we may not be able to get out of the drive! Even our cat won’t go out in the snow, which is just as well as she is white (with a black.brown tail).

    Glad to hear you’re well stocked up with the essentials!

      1. It probably went to spam because of the link to the photo. There’s a setting somewhere for the number of links to allow in a post before it automatically goes to spam. I think the default doesn’t allow any.

  3. O I can sympathize with your plight. And the toe toasting part makes it look fun and even enjoyable. But if you say wet snow, then I’d rather stay with this white, dry stuff we have despite -20C temp. We’re fortunate though to have relatively ‘warm’ weather hovering around -10C So it’s totally bearable, and as you can see from the photos on my blog, even beautiful. BTW, that’s a Black-capped Chickadee. We have lots of them in my neck of the woods.

    1. Yes, there is a definite difference between wet and dry snow and the latter is much to be preferred. We rarely make minus 20 (although it does occasionally happen) but at the moment it’s positively tropical minus 3. There is a dearth of Black-capped Chickadees in this neck of the woods so do send some over just so I can say the name.

  4. Yikes! Have you dug out/been rescued yet? It’s bitterly cold here with crazy winds but little snow so life marches on. I hope you at least have power so you can read excellent books while you’re snowbound!!!

  5. Also, Pooh songs: I think they’re the best things in the world and my favourite line from one (Coddleston Pie) is “Why does a chicken? / I don’t know why.” That’s worth ten Brothers Karamazovs and 14 Middlemarches probably.

    1. Ten inches and still falling. However, the temperature is going up by ten degrees centigrade over the weekend so by Monday we’re all going to be swimming along with Ratty.

        1. There was an article in this morning’s paper encouraging us all to build an army of snowmen in our gardens as they would thaw more slowly than lying snow and therefore beat the floods – I kid you not!

          1. Seriously? That is hilarious! Maybe all the kids in the neighborhood can pitch in and build several really big snowmen. I had a neighbor a few years ago who built an eight-foot tall snow bear in his yard. It was really well done but so sad to watch it gradually melt when spring arrived.

            1. We couldn’t build just one snow bear – they’d want one each and I don’t think there’s room (or snow) for ten of them:)

    1. The Bears are getting swollen heads with all this attention! We haven’t built an igloo in the garden but the local children have built one in the road. We are due a very rapid thaw this weekend so presumably from Monday on the problem will not be snow but floods. You can’t win, can you?

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