What Did you Have For Christmas?

100345897916916239_K9VLdzu9_fSo, what did you have for Christmas?

Really?  Well that was nice.  I hope you enjoyed it.

Me?  Kind of you to ask.  I had the flu!

Isn’t that typical?  It started around half past seven on Christmas Eve evening and cleared just in time to wave goodbye to the holiday week.  So, in fact, not real flu, just a nasty old fluey type bug, but enough to keep me in bed all day on the 25th and to stop me visiting your blogs to wish you Merry Christmas and replying to all your kind suggestions for new reading material.

Of course, I didn’t need new reading material.  As soon as I could crawl round the bedroom I dragged out my Harry Potter CDs and just let Stephen Fry read me back to sleep with all those well loved stories.  There are times when only old friends will do.

The Bears were strictly forbidden to come anywhere near me.  Comforting though their presence would have been, can you imagine what it would have been like if all ten of them had gone down with a beary lurgy at the same time?  If you will excuse the pun, it simply doesn’t bear thinking about.

So, apologies for my tardiness and I’ll catch up with you all over the next few days.  Oh, and a belated Merry Christmas.


26 thoughts on “What Did you Have For Christmas?

  1. Oh Alex, that’s adding insult to injury. I do hope you’re feeling a bit better after that – and that your New Year will be a happy one! a belated Merry Christmas to you too – though at least we’re still in the Twelve Days. I’m leaving my lights up a little longer.

  2. Oh poor you! How awful. Mind you, I am no fan of Christmas, and spending it in bed wouldn’t be too awful (although feeling rotten spoils the effect somewhat). Glad you are on the mend now, and that the bears didn’t come down with it!

    1. No, I have been heard to say that if I have to lose a day to illness Christmas Day isn’t a bad one to lose. At least I’m not letting anyone down. However, I do collect a lot of non-driving friends and take them out for lunch on Boxing DAy and that had to go by the board, this year. Never mind, we’re doing it on New Year’s Day instead. It’s always our standby just in case the weather gets in the way.

  3. It’s awful to be ill on Christmas. Still, if that’s the way it is, then snuggled in bed listening to Stephen Fry is about as good as it gets. Hope you’re feeling better and that the nasty bug doesn’t return.

  4. Oh dear! I’m sorry to hear you have been going through it! I’m glad you’re up and about now and hope next year will be better for you. As for me, I had one book (well, some other things too, but nothing beats a good book at Christmas)!

    1. Absolutely, Margaret. I had a friend who was always given the latest Dick francis for Christmas and then locked the door on Boxing Day and refused to come out again until she’d read it.

  5. Hopefully, New Years Day will be much brighter! And I love the idea of watching Harry Potter on a cold winter day when nothing else will quite do. Glad you’re on the mend.

    1. Thank you. It has just stopped raining here for the first time in what seems like weeks and I’ve been out for a bracing walk. The forecast looks better than it has for ages so with luck this is a sign that all things will be better in the New Year. I hope it is a good one for you.

  6. Sorry to hear you were ill over Christmas, but I’m glad you’re feeling better and the bears didn’t catch it too.

    We had a similar bug and rather unkindly passed it on to our relatives. I’m not sure we’ll be invited again next year!

  7. I am very sorry to hear about your flu. It’s going around–it’s always going around–but it is somehow worse on a holiday.

    I’m glad you’re up and walking around! Here we’re making excuses to stay inside and avoid the snow. But I must go out this afternoon…

    1. Thanks Kat. Here it’s been rain and rain and more rain but the forecast is better for the next few days so we can but hope the new year will be better.

  8. What a shame to be sick over the holidays! I hope you are starting to feel better by now. I’m not sure you were right to quarantine the bears, though. They can be very soothing when spirits are low. Here’s to better health soon, and to 2013 being a better year in general.

  9. Poor, poor you! My sisters were all slightly ill this Christmas, and I was the only healthy one. It’s miserable being sick at Christmas. I hope you are feeling better by now and having a nice New Year’s.

    1. Much better, thank you. I hope the fates aren’t waiting to catch you out with some dreaded lurgy later in the winter. We shall keep our fingers crossed for you.

    1. It’s the way that they linger that is the most annoying part of these bugs, isn’t it? that and their annoying habit of turning up at exactly the wrong moment.

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