Still Here

Just to say that I am still here.  Unfortunately, the medication I’ve been given is not exactly agreeing with me. I’ve seen far more of the inside of hospitals this past few days than I like. Although to be honest that’s preferable to the ceiling of the Apple store at which I stared for sometime last Thursday afternoon. It’s clearly going to take a little while to get the medication and the dosage right, but until they do my brain is too fuzzy to think about anything. So I’m not ignoring you all, I’m just hibernating for a few days. The Bears are doing their best to look after me, although I’m not certain that multiple plates of marmalade sandwiches are actually the right way to go. Still, the thought is there.


9 thoughts on “Still Here

  1. Sorry meds are getting you down. I find it painfully ironic when medicines that help one problem cause another, usually by preventing clear thinking. Take some deep breaths. I am getting much better at focusing on clouds. Is this a time for audiobooks? Remember we care about you.

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