This is just to say that I’m back home again.  However, I’m extremely woozy, most probably because of the sedative they used, which apparently effects the memory.  At my age there is absolutely no need to drug me to inflict memory problems on me, as I told them quite vociferously.  However, it seems that they need you awake when they carry out certain tests and as you are definitely not going to want to remember them, they wallop your memory so that it wipes the whole procedure out of your mind.  Now, I have no problem with them taking out all their nasty jiggery-pokery, it’s all the other stuff that’s gone as well that bothers me.

It will probably be the end of the week before I can pull my thoughts together enough to post anything sensible, but in the meantime I’ll come round and say hello to you all and to thank you for your good wishes.  I do hope you haven’t done anything stupid while I’ve been away.


16 thoughts on “Home

    1. I’m being helped by some decent tea, Naomi. I don’t know what it is they serve by that name in hospital, but it is not tea as we know it.

  1. Very glad you are back home safe and sound. Doesn’t home feel absolutely blissfully wonderful after you’ve been away? Take care of yourself and rest well – let the bears take the strain!

    1. My own chair and my own bed, Litlove – bliss. As to The Bears, they are being so helpful I dread to think what they’ve been up to. Perhaps it’s as well I don’t know.

    1. Margaret, I hadn’t though about it like that, but you’re absolutely right, thinking in fragments is precisely what I’m doing. It’s getting better each day. I can tell by how I feel when I wake up. Every morning is a little less as if I’d been thumped by a passing steam hammer.

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