Normal Service Will Be Resumed…….

….as soon as I’ve reinstated all the connections I had set up before downloading Apple’s new Mountain Lion system.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love my Mac, not to mention my I-pod, I-phone and two I-pads.  I am Macked out and quite happy about it, but every now and again they upgrade and half the links you had set up vanish.  In this instance it’s the RSS ties I had organised.  So, if I received notification of your new posts via that method then I have to find a different way of getting the message.   Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as restoring the RSS links because Apple have removed that facility completely.  But never fear, I will get there.  Although if after a week or so you think I’m missing you out then give me a nudge because I didn’t have a note of everyone.  Much gnashing of teeth, but I will get it sorted.

5 thoughts on “Normal Service Will Be Resumed…….

    1. I’ve had to go through Google Reader to find a solution, but the big problem was that I hadn’t made a note of who was coming through via RSS so I’m not certain if I’ve transferred everyone I should have done.

  1. How do you like Mountain Lion? Have you tried the dictation program yet? I so want to upgrade my Mac but I can’t because my system doesn’t meet all the requirements for it and since my Macbook is only four years old I can’t justify shelling out for a brand new one just so I can get Mountain Lion.

    1. There are some things that I do like and dictation is one of them. I’ve been using it on my i-pad now for a year and it is really useful. I also like having Notes. But as well as the RSS problem (that has been removed completely) my Macbook wouldn’t take my hard drive back up disc this morning. I have an Apple shop locally so I’m going to go in next week and talk the issues through with them.

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