You Pays Your Money……

How about we have a little Summer fun with a small wager?  As some of you know, I’m still waiting for the last of a series of hospital tests and until I’ve completed them it isn’t possible to start treating what is a painful and inconvenient condition.  I had a date, Monday August 6th; at least I had a date until a week last Monday when a letter arrived in the post changing that to Thursday August 23rd.  Good job I hadn’t cancelled anything important on the 6th, I thought and rearranged everything I had promised to do on the 23rd.

Well, that was stupid, wasn’t it?

Last Monday, I received another letter from the hospital, this time cancelling the appointment for the 23rd and bringing it forward to Friday August 3rd.  Much gnashing of teeth, although with The Bears in mind I did moderate my language – for all of five minutes.  That’s how long it took me to reach the second envelope from the hospital changing the 3rd of August to the 10th of August.  Two in the same post!  Expressions relating to right hand, left hand and not knowing what the other is doing  were amongst the politer things I said.

Well, here we are on Sunday morning and I can’t help but wonder what tomorrow’s post is going to bring. The possibility that they will want to see me last Wednesday afternoon doesn’t seem beyond the bounds of probability.   So, what offers am I made?  What dates would you like to predict?  How many different appointment changes do you think I’ll be opening twenty four hours from now?  No prizes are offered, just the kudos of being the one that got it right.


7 thoughts on “You Pays Your Money……

  1. No, no, no, no ,no. This can’t be true. I’d be pulling out all of my remaining hair at this point. So, I’m not going to play your game. No more changes for you.

    1. I do hope you’re right. I’ve decided that someone has nothing better to do on a Friday afternoon than throw all the upcoming appointments in the air and then rearranging them according to how they land. I’m just hoping they were on holiday last week.

  2. My prediction is that they’ll change it back to the original date – August 6th. My husband has had ongoing assessments every few months for the last four years, and this has happened to him at least twice.

    1. If they do that, Naomi, then I’m willing to lay ready money that given the 6th is a Monday, the letter telling me will arrive on the 6th too late to get there:)

    1. It has definitely got worse since I was last in five years ago. It’s only when you need the NHS that you realise how fragile it’s become.

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