Bear Power

I was going to write about something entirely other today, but a headline in this morning’s Times Magazine caught my eye and set my mind off in a very different direction.

What Men Really Want in Bed

it proclaimed and then added underneath

It’s not what you think.

So what is it that men want so badly in their beds?  According to this article it is their Bears.  Celebrity after celebrity speaks to the power in their life of their own faithful companion.  Journalist and writer, Sir Max Hastings, stridently declares

[e]very right thinking Englishman adores his teddy bear

and the broadcaster, Chris Evans recognises that

only bad men aren’t teddy bear people.

Any number of men admit that through their teenage years they ignored their Bears but then, like Julian Fellowes, the writer of Downton Abbey, remember at nineteen or twenty

waking up one morning and thinking, I am now old enough to get my bear out again.

And, it’s not just the celebrities, when, during the time I was lecturing at University, I needed a collection of Bears for a school based project, as many of the lads brought theirs from their rooms as did the lasses.  You don’t leave home for strange climes without your Bears.  To quote Max Hastings again,

[t]he teddies were completely non-threatening and were completely on my side.

When the rest of the world seems against you, you know that your Bears will always stand shoulder to shoulder at your side; they will have your back, and no problem will be insurmountable.

You may have noticed the capital B hovering about my use of the word Bears.  In this house the motto is definitely,


In fact the dictation program on my iPad now automatically spells Bears with a capital letter because it has been corrected so often. It too has given up and acknowledged the true household gods.

Tomorrow is Poetry Sunday in Stratford and although I don’t yet know whether or not I shall be able to go I have turned my mind towards what I might offer as my contribution.  Knowing that the organiser has his own collection of much loved Bears I had thought that I might include one or two hums by that greatest of ursine poet, Pooh Bear.  Given how cold it is this morning the one beginning

The more it snows,

Tiddley Pom

would seem to be particularly apt.  I would take The Bears along but there is also going to be a mass singalong of the Owl and the Pussycat with real livestock and they might get it into their heads to scrutinise the beasts a little too closely.  You just never know with Bears.

I am sure that whether you are prepared to admit it or not, there are a great many more Bear lovers out there and so from my Bears to your Bears



18 thoughts on “Bear Power

  1. Teddy bear could well be a metaphor for the inner child… they’d always go back and hug that no matter how old they get. This is an interesting post.

    1. Perhaps, as well, a more cuddly version of the security blanket? Although nowhere as easy to wash. Mine don’t mind being washed, it’s the being wrung out afterwards they object to.

  2. Boys need affection, doesn’t surprise me – my son doesn’t had a ted – but he’s always asking for a hug. My daughter however seeks out her cat and needs to hold him for the same kind of thing. Both necessary in my observation, keeps everyone content 🙂

    1. It’s got something to do needing security, I think. Bears and their like don’t change their minds.. You always know where you are with Bears.

      1. That may be why my son wants a dog, he says he wants an animal that will follow him everywhere, a dogs love is unconditional, a cat has no master, a teddy bear seems to provide almost everything 🙂

  3. Your post made me think of Aloysius, Sebastian’s Bear in ‘Brideshead Revisited’. Aloysius was apparently modelled on John Betjeman’s much loved Bear Archibald Ormsby-Gore aka Archie.

    1. My Bears get very agitated when they watch the TV series because Aloysius, while obviously having been much loved, does get rather knocked about. We do have an Aloysius Bear but he isn’t in the photo. The Upstairs Bears are less publicity conscious:)

  4. You know, you remind me so much of another blogger I used to know who also had a sofa full of bears – who disliked it when un-initiated visitors popped round and happened to sit on them. We are very much a bear family, and my 17 year old son has yet to put his bears into storage. Well, what am I saying, that would never happen, I’d feel too guilty. Moved to slightly different locations around the house is perhaps the term I’m searching for!

    1. Sitting on Bears is a sure sign that certain people should never be asked back. The ‘best’ people are those who say hello to The Bears before they speak to me. I know my place in the pecking order.

      And yes, we may have met before. I could always e-mail you with a longer story.

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