My Kind of Guy

I’ve just started reading Elanor Dymott’s first novel, Every Contact Leave a Trace and I already know that I’m going to love it.  After all how can one not love a book that contains a character such as this.

Richard announced at the outset that he intended to be well-read by the time he was called to the Bar, so he strolled back to the library every evening at eight and, having started by reading the complete works of William Shakespeare, worked his way chronologically through the shelves of English Literature….

Richard stayed on at the end of our three years to do some research while I went straight to law school, and I did wonder once or twice whether it was because he hadn’t yet reached the shelves that held the twentieth century.

Now that is my kind of guy.


8 thoughts on “My Kind of Guy

    1. Yes, I’m a little further in now and for a first novel this is very well written. It could be seen as a murder mystery but I’m already aware that it is very much more.

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